Burglar Alarms in Denver, CO

Secure any space that is important to you and your family with our reliable burglar alarms in Denver, CO. Master Security Center designs and installs security systems for both residential and commercial customers. Our commitment to security and customer satisfaction has allowed us to serve this area proudly for more than 70 years.

In that time, we saw just about every challenge that a business could face. While homes and businesses may have been easier to secure in simpler times, you must stay ahead of those who would take everything from you without a second thought. You have worked hard to build a home that you can be proud of, so the time has come to invest in a system that protects everything valuable to you.

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Any system you purchase must keep you safe without disrupting your way of life. For a business, there are additional factors to consider. A commercial enterprise must secure any physical entryways while maintaining detailed records about the comings and goings of any employees. Start a conversation about your security needs with our locksmiths in Denver, CO, and start building an intuitive system that is easy to use.

Helpful Home Security Options

Ease of use is an important factor to consider when it comes to your residential security system. You need simple directions, access keypads, and clear labeling of all your residential sectors. Instead of guessing your way through a complex interface when an alarm is blaring and the kids are crying, quickly arm and disarm any system we design.

Smart home design is now even more affordable with the emergence of the Internet of Things. The security system we design can include security cameras that allow you to address anyone at your front door, from wherever you are.

Commercial Solutions from Honeywell

Securing your establishment has never been easier than with the smart innovations offered by partners like Honeywell. Their new VISTA Security System uses multiple avenues to alert you of any potential threat to your enterprise. You get remote access and real-time alerts you can use. When you are on the go, you can stay connected with your home through applications that connect you to live video and GPS vehicle tracking.

Our access control systems in Denver, CO, stay connected no matter what type of voice connection you have at your home or business. Alarm signals can be sent via the Internet, GSM wireless radios, and traditional phone lines. We even work with clients using VoIP connections.

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Contact us today to secure your business with burglar alarms. We proudly serve clients in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding communities.