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Life brings mishaps at times, and that can include being suddenly locked out of your car, home, or business. Should an incident occur, contact our locksmiths in Denver, CO.

24/7 Emergency Services
Time quickly becomes pressing when you lock yourself out of your home, car, or business. A fast and reliable team is what you need in those situations. Our trained technicians arrive fast and take care of your key emergency efficiently and professionally.

Home, Car, or Business
The versatility of our business allows us to move seamlessly between auto, home, or business locksmith needs. We can recommend the right type of locks for you, re-key, change locks, or install new ones — no matter the focus. Our cardkey access service is a smart way to track visitors to your home or business. You will always have control of who has access, which increases safety measures.

Full Security Systems
Our team of security technicians can install a full system that includes security doors, locks, and monitoring. An upgrade on your current system or installing a new one ensures protection on several levels.

We Also Offer Fireproof Safes
Installing a safe at your home or business adds extra security for confidential documents or items worth protecting. When choosing a safe, consider one that is fire-resistant. Our consultants would be happy to recommend some models that suit your environment.

Check our blog page regularly for a variety of posts on how you can use and benefit from our locksmith services in Denver, CO, as well as safety and security tips for your home, car, or business.

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Four Ways Our Security Professionals are Here for You

If you are a homeowner, you want to make sure that your property and personal possessions are safe and secure. At Master Security Center, we share your concern and offer products and services that will put your mind at ease. Here are some of our services available in the Denver area.

24/7 Locksmith Services
You will be glad to know we offer 24-hour emergency service if you need a locksmith in Minneapolis right away. We can replace locks on your car or home and can re-key or change out locks.

Automobile Services
A wire hanger was sufficient in the old days to get your car open, but vehicles have more advanced security systems now. We have personnel that is trained and experienced to help you get back into
your car quickly and safely.

Residential Services
We can replace old locks or the whole door, and even install a keyless entry system for your home. Protect your possessions and family even further with one of our advanced security camera systems.

Commercial Services
From providing commercial security doors in Denver, CO, to keyless access systems and burglar alarms, we have been securing area businesses since 1940. We also offer cost-effective security surveillance systems, so you can maintain a video record of everything that occurs.

A house with snow falling on it's roof.

How Winter Weather Can Impact Home Security: Part One

It is no news that strong winds and large amounts of snow can easily cause power outages. If you live in Colorado, winter weather can affect your daily life in the form of poor driving conditions and higher heating bills. However, professional locksmiths in Denver, CO, know that the colder months can also affect home security. Here are some weather-related scenarios and how you can prepare for each in the event of a storm.

Power Outages
Freezing temperatures and strong winds can result in power outages. If you have a home security system, a backup power source is necessary. This can come in the form of battery power, as most security systems do come equipped with battery backup. With a backup power source, you can ensure you and your property are always protected.

Disabled Communication
Winter storms can cause communication issues, which can be critical for your monitored security service. Should your Wi-Fi connection fail due to a storm, you will see a lapse in both person-to-person and emergency communications. To avoid this downtime, ensure that cellular monitoring is added to your home security system. This will help to prevent incidents, such as theft, that would be more likely to occur while your system is down.

A red tile roof under a cloudy sky.

How Winter Weather Can Impact Home Security: Part Two

In our previous post, we provided some ways that winter weather can impact home security. Keep reading for more ways you can ensure you, your family and your property stay protected during a storm.

Disabled Lights and Cameras
Today, many people equip their homes with outdoor lights and security cameras in Aurora, CO. These items can also be affected by bad weather. Not only will lights and cameras be disabled during a power outage, but the fixtures and hardware themselves can face damage from wind or ice. When installed professionally, these systems are typically placed in areas where damage would be minimal during a storm. However, having a backup generator or battery backup enabled is also recommended for such situations; Burglars are much less likely to target homes and businesses that are lit or equipped with functioning security cameras.

Hard-to-Reach Emergency Services
During winter storms, emergency services often become overwhelmed with call volume. To keep your home secure until these services become available, homeowners should take some preparative actions. These include locking all doors and windows, having an emergency kit on-hand (think unperishable food, water, batteries, battery packs, flashlights, etc.), owning a battery-powered radio, and providing your security vendor with updated emergency contacts.