A red tile roof under a cloudy sky.

How Winter Weather Can Impact Home Security: Part Two

In our previous post, we provided some ways that winter weather can impact home security. Keep reading for more ways you can ensure you, your family and your property stay protected during a storm.

Disabled Lights and Cameras
Today, many people equip their homes with outdoor lights and security cameras in Aurora, CO. These items can also be affected by bad weather. Not only will lights and cameras be disabled during a power outage, but the fixtures and hardware themselves can face damage from wind or ice. When installed professionally, these systems are typically placed in areas where damage would be minimal during a storm. However, having a backup generator or battery backup enabled is also recommended for such situations; Burglars are much less likely to target homes and businesses that are lit or equipped with functioning security cameras.

Hard-to-Reach Emergency Services
During winter storms, emergency services often become overwhelmed with call volume. To keep your home secure until these services become available, homeowners should take some preparative actions. These include locking all doors and windows, having an emergency kit on-hand (think unperishable food, water, batteries, battery packs, flashlights, etc.), owning a battery-powered radio, and providing your security vendor with updated emergency contacts.