A house with snow falling on it's roof.

How Winter Weather Can Impact Home Security: Part One

It is no news that strong winds and large amounts of snow can easily cause power outages. If you live in Colorado, winter weather can affect your daily life in the form of poor driving conditions and higher heating bills. However, professional locksmiths in Denver, CO, know that the colder months can also affect home security. Here are some weather-related scenarios and how you can prepare for each in the event of a storm.

Power Outages
Freezing temperatures and strong winds can result in power outages. If you have a home security system, a backup power source is necessary. This can come in the form of battery power, as most security systems do come equipped with battery backup. With a backup power source, you can ensure you and your property are always protected.

Disabled Communication
Winter storms can cause communication issues, which can be critical for your monitored security service. Should your Wi-Fi connection fail due to a storm, you will see a lapse in both person-to-person and emergency communications. To avoid this downtime, ensure that cellular monitoring is added to your home security system. This will help to prevent incidents, such as theft, that would be more likely to occur while your system is down.